The Seeds of Lasting Internet Profits for the Internet Novice

How can any internet novice make internet profits that continue? Well, its simple how can any child learn the alphabet? All of it is learned step by step, the first step is simply to start! Sounds a little odd to say that but it's not because most of us have toyed with the idea of making money while we sleep or making money 24-7. How many of us actually have a website let alone an internet income stream? Not many!

When you start out you should do everything yourself! Your online business is nothing yet so you can't pay someone for all the tech work out of your non-existent internet income stream! You will obviously need to have some time, commitment and little money to start. You need to buy and register a domain name get a hosting account then start to build a basic website.

If you don't know how, then you just need some basic education as to what needs to be done and how. Look at other websites for layouts and ideas, visualize what you want your website to look like and what you are actually going to sell or promote. There are various ways to learn how to get it started; 3 weeks ago I had no idea how to build a web page let alone a website now I own and am in the process of building (albeit slowly) four websites.

I haven't got my own product yet, one day I may have one, that's because I have decided to start tapping into one income stream by being an affiliate, that's where you promote someone else's products or sites for a commission for every customer they get through your site.

Building an internet business and making internet profits that last will requires determination, especially initially, as you plant your seeds for future profit. The likes of Yahoo, MSN, and Google aren't the top 3 visiting sites because of what they are doing now & remember it's not long ago that there was no internet. Google floated on the stock exchange in 2004, the share price has more than tripled! Imagine - the work you do now for your website could result in your very own Google in 10 or 20 years time. Bringing you back down to earth again, you can't make any profit from the internet without any traffic coming to your site!

Many of the things mentioned here can be learned for free on various courses online. Without learning there can't be much earning. So the tip for any internet newbie is to invest time and effort in a free practical course that gets you the basic knowledge and the continue seeking information to help build on that so that you can plant the seeds that create internet profits that last.

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